How To Be a Nurse Assistant


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All of the content on this website is designed to complement your How To Be a Nurse Assistant training course. You can sign in to the site from your laptop, desktop, tablet, or mobile device! It's designed to help you master the material and prepare fro the CNA exam whether you're at home, in class, or on the go!

Celebrating 30 years of preparing students to pass the certification exam and enter the workforce as the most highly qualified CNAs in the field, helps you be at your best so you can provide top-notch care, feel confident about what you are doing, and succeed.

Use the competencies provided on this site to review the exact procedures and skills you need to know as a nurse assistant. View and print the skills checklists so you can practice the required procedures without missing a step.

Use the multiple practice exams, quizzes, and study tools provided here to help you prepare to take and pass the certification exam. Get real time feedback as you go along. You’ll know when you answer a question correctly and see the correct answer when you are wrong. You’ll also get a final score on exams and quizzes that you complete. Go back and take them as many times as you’d like until you feel ready. It’s a great way to study for the real exam.

You can also order more textbooks or additional publications from AHCA Publications.

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